unhinged going there tonight reminded me of when i was trying to be all grown up when i was really just an idiot, my boys ivet, sam, jon *cringe*, randy i.e. the albino. going there tonight reminded me why i never want to go back. but i must admit, the money is good. 011205
ClairE My mommy.

It's a fucking nice name, bitch.
Chad I am so sorry Sharon for cheating. I know I broke your heart and I wish I could take it all back. I would rather die a thousand deaths than go through all this again. I am sorry. 050815
black no you're not 050815
sharon_enjoy The Rose of Sharon

a town in MA and PA

my music teacher in elementary school
silentbob "But like you said, that whole romantic x factor is so tricky. I feel like it's a combination of physicality and some other unknown variable. I have to admit, it's still early, but I haven't been completely swept up by it yet. That's what makes Internet dating so weird, I guess, because it feels like you're either trying to manufacture it or sense that it's there." 140312
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