birdmad so, what's the word?

what do you have to say for yourself?

those little random musings that you mutter to yourself aloud or never let slip past your teeth when you think it might be impolite or impolitic to say in an audible tone.

a dream

a desire


from the trivial to the profound

what does the future hold?
peter murphy hammer me into blazon pain
moulding shapes
no shame to waste
and drag me there
with deafening haste

i do get bored
in the flat field
Ralph Fiennes
So why did you leave her in the cave to die alone? She can't burn her house down cos it's not hers.

The cave is everyones we were all their together.

Thank god for the ice age.

just leave her their, nevermind.

I'm sure she will get over it.
silentbob I mother fucking love English patient 010417
kinkazoid does anybody know who created blather, for real? i want to know who it is just so i can put a name to the face i picture in my head 010612
kendera dallas.

you can do some research for yourself on the matter by digging up the blue blather archives.
KnockDownDragOut My girl's got a big mouth with which she blathers a lot...

foolish-mode namae I am such a fucking idiot. I get here through a link I find, and it only just occurs to me to take the /red off. Even after reading how many mentions of blue whilst wand'ring through here. God damn me. Nineteen ninety fucking eight. 010825
pralines&cream blather is just ... where i go. 020110
Angelheaded Hipster To blather, to blather, to dip the finger in red blood and scrawl thought and passion for foreign eyes,
To let the words sit and mingle with a thousand others. Each shoulder to shoulder, cheek to cheek!
A wild orgy! A revel of words! a poet's false retreat! Strangers whoring the precious, the sacred, the secret in the eyes.
Let it flow, let it flow but redirect the course! A river of self runs and runs, and finds itself tainted and foul! A hundred thousand words, their meanings misplaced and lost and made standard!
silentbob ilooked back on the old dates. January 24 2001 is when the first red blathers were made. the second blathers were made the 25th. i was there for that. it feels good knowing this. 020312
little wonder it makes me smile that i've seen this one from the very beginning, because i didn't get that with blue.
it almost doesn't feel like it's been more than a year red has been here.
silentbob people walk by me. they say, "what are you looking at."

"blather" i say. I explain nothing. sometimes they come back and they're cool. other people don't bother understanding.
jess...i dont know dont ask i guess it has to be jolie 020403
silentbob blather is being really weird right now

check the RECENT file theres more blathes than it actually says in the WHO file
pilgrim Well, I checked my own files, and only found seven. I've been robbed! They must of stashed them over in Recentville, The thieving Whos. 020411
CrAzYpInKmOnKeY ive never heard of red blather till now.
life is good
belly fire Thinking corrupts the process. 020729
bespeckled blather is my refuge.

It's where I go when

you, and you, and you, and you.

[And yes, you too]

let me down.

I go here because you let me down. It is my paper, and my pen. I write in the blood from my heart.
Cicero o, blather - the one thing I cannot disappoint. 021119
tripleclipse Wandering through the wild words
Wondering where the world goes
Why did we leave?
Why did we come?
nom i just found out
a childhood friend died
i was in the middle of blathering
about him when i thought
to check google

i wonder
when_i_was_small and i knew him
and he knew me

what would we have thought about
when asked about the word google?
probably eyes

and blather?
talking about anything and everything with anyone and everybody
nom i'm a blathering idiot 031217
silentbob i have other refuges now 031217
ethereal im afraid of blather red. 040224
mcdougall Don’t be, its actually quite placid,
comparatively speaking.
u24 when the word 'blather' was created on blue_blather it meant a lot less than when this one was created. isn't that odd. 040608
lacrima not really, when you think about it. When blather blue started, it was exactly that. Starting. Blather red is what we've made of blather blue. Blather could have flopped, instead, the people that write on it have made it into something amazing, something undescribable. So, of couse blather means more now. 040609
flip whoever created blather, i deeply deeply love you for ever and ever.

anyway, i was on blue blather for ages and then i saw some mention of red. this confused me. i actually wrote to them and said how do i get to red blather? how stupid! there is quite a lot less on red comparatively but most it is a lot more interesting reading than the stuff on blue.
Alvarny What is in a word?

Everything... let your feelings do the choosing, let your fingers do the clicking and you will never know where the next hit of the mouse will lead you.

So far, I have been pleasantly surprised, touched and inspired.

I doubt that there will be a post here that will be left unread. They are just waiting to surprise the next unsuspecting visitor.
trial and error marquee 050607
nom my private public diary 070214
krupt ahhhh my first blather on blather red. this red screen makes me feel lustful and excited. i am full of new hope as i ascend into the future and think of the incredable things i will write on these pages. 080304
mcdougall misses this 081028
cocoon i have missed you 100401
cocoon and again.

i always come back and read something lovely, and it reminds me why i do [come back]. it gives me new things to think about. i always wish i had the time/resources to read more, listen to all the bands recommended, read all the books suggested, watch all the movies mentioned, go to all the places talked about.
leahcar missed you. 100819
mcdougall You are a library of words.
Everyone is a member.
Never a late fee.
Never overdue.
lasrever Thoughts on faith: in Christianity, faith is NOT a certainty that what we pray for will come to pass. This is the great hoax of the modern day church. It is certainty about Jesus and the love of God no matter what happens to us or around us. Think of what Jesus said about the cross He was facing, “Let this cup pass from me”…”nevertheless, not My will, but Thine be done.” He wasn't certain that God would deliver Him from the pain and suffering of the cross that lay before Him....but He WAS certain that God's will would bring about the greater good because His love is real. Why would faith be different for us if we are followers of Jesus? Many know John 3:16, "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life", but I John 3:16 tells us the next part. ”This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters.” This is faith - to be certain about Jesus's death on our behalf and God's love that allowed it though all else be uncertain. Will our chlld live? We cannot be certain. Will we beat cancer? We cannot be certain. Will we get the job, or the car, or the promotion? We cannot be certain. Does God love us and did He demonstrate it by allowing Jesus to die for us? Yes! Of this we can be 120915
flowerock is still new to me. I am still discovering it. 140628
raze though i don't hang out over there anymore, blue is seventeen years old today. pretty nifty, that. pretty soon it won't be a teenager anymore, and then what? blather goes to college?

there's a reality show i'd tune in to see.
what's it to you?
who go