ClairE Mel is sexy.
Mel just said "eeep".
"Eeep" is a robot noise.
Well, okay, I can't quite get to Mel is a robot, but if only robots said "eeep", you'd KNOW robots are as sexy as she is.
cube Futuristic robots may be sexy (not in our lifetime). Current robots are anything but. Get too close to one today and you'll be lucky if all you lose is an hand...
phace Is it so much the look of robots that is sexy? or just knowing that a robot can be there to do what you want without feeling pain for what you do or dont do. Isnt that the kind of guy men like to become? I know i do. 020102
laguin Robots that wish to crush all humans are sexy.

Red robot is sexy.
Strideo it depends . . .

are we talking chrome, or gunmetal grey.

misstree smooth slopes of
cold metal, hand glides to
armored access, finger traces the seal,
further up, cables snake like
veins, tendons, muscles taut
and ridged, hiding the
vital functions that are so much
simpler, more direct,
than poor meat machines.
touches are delicate enough for flowers
but can, without a thought,
crumple a wrist.
it doesn't care for me.
it doesn't know
how sexy it is.

blown cherry robonetic cybots especially... 031216
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