no one ever says (FTMCH) "oh no!, people's poet"

The Young Ones

best damn TV show ever broadcast on MTV
dB wots a futumph-tch? (Neils says) 010305
sabbie my friend, after watching that episode, ran up and down his back yard waving his hands in the air and shouting


he was very disapointed that it didnt work. but then none of the young ones saw him, did they? maybe dave is being followed to this day but a little red man in leather...

but as to rik mayall.
mymy! what can i say?
how about:

sabbie oh! and the new statesman! one of my very favs!

a complete bastard (B'stard, of course) who wins all the time.

i loved it.
sabbie and grimm tales
and i wish i'd remembered all of this at once.
dB Hey, you guys are all americans right? If so, you have great taste for americans. (hang on, do things like Bottom, Young Ones, New Statesman requre tase or a lack of taste to enjoy? Oh, who cares. You guys rock!) 010306
breakfast ...now that's an unusual name for a lobster 010306
birdmad to say nothing of eddie_izzard 010306
sabbie oh no! condemned by assoisation!

its ok, im joking...

dB - im not american sweetie.

im austrailan

and no, i have have been able to spell it, thank you. as ive said before, it doesnt keep me awake at nights.

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