anotherforgotten I'm doing a little project. (well, it's not really all that little)
I'd like to hear your reasons as to why you are voting for so and so.
Not why the other candidate sucks, but why your candidate is better.

Thanks for any help.
anotherforgotten damn, I forgot. Could you please include what state you are in? 041031
Lila Pause I can't wait to read the responses to the republican voters... 041101
silentbob Reasons I am voting for Kerry:
i am from iowa and i believe kerry can restore what bush has done. Kerry does not want to reform abortion laws. Kerry does not what to make it constitutionally illegal for same sex couples to marry, even though he disagrees with it. Kerry is not pushing those views on other people. I believe Kerry can accomplish in Iraq what bush has failed to do. I think Kerry can make it so other countries hate us slightly less. I think kerry can possibly restore the relationship with France and Germany that bush has tarnished, making many americans hate the french just becuase they didn't agree with his decisions about war.
If i vote for someone else and Bush wins i will never forgive myself. All i can do is vote and encourage others to vote as well.
what's it to you?
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