amy a very controlled and calculative thing, yep. a way to get things done. that's important.

but then again, it's often no fun. so you have to balance, i think you're right. the hard part, though, is not understanding so much as realizing.

"don't dream it, be it" "do what you wish" it really is difficult.... but don't make it hard, because it must be easy.
miniver Precisely. Although, I call this being "aware".

And it's not just a way to get things done, I think. I think it is THE way we get things done -- it's the way we humans are, in fact, not only in "doing" and "getting" things, but in just "being". And this is what people need to realize, whether or not we realize the necessity. And, having realized, come to understand.

Hah. Idealism is another personality disorder.
pandora Nope. It is easy, I want to make it harder for a specific reason. There is no cure all that touches each individual, you can't bottle the mixture and decide it will work for everyone

because it won't
people respond to different things
keep it simple, yeah it works for some

i like microsoft i think they are complicated...and huge monsters by the way
what's it to you?
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