y oh no. 020704
oh y ea h oh_no! 020704
yesterday and tomorrow jon is god, because god is jon

among other reasons
see god_is_god 020704
jonh you dont know me
and whos to say i do
though i know more than you

so go ahead and say fuck me, fuck you too
jonh and.. we are all our own gods 030122
x you're pretty good looking, for a girl 030131
/anon no lawn gnomes on friday! 030619
god he's out there jerkin' off in the shed again 030619
~*~LaddY BuggZ~*~ why no lawn knomes /anon ? 031029
yeah yeah i'm obviously the_idiot
sorry i forgot how
stupid i can be
thanks for the reminder
yeah yeah oh
that was not
a direct response
to any of the above

i didn't know this blathe existed

oh yeah i know

because_i'm an idiot
yeah yeah because because because i_am
i am because because because
because_i'm_an_idiot i am
girl_jane Jane...do you listen to the nyu radio station? If you do, have you heard the band Oh Yeah? Because I saw them last night here in Columbia, where they're from. I guess they get played about once a day on the station there...as well as other stations across the US, and I was curious.

As for everybody else, if you ever get a chance to hear or see Oh Yeah, do it-because you will love it.
what's it to you?
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