yummychuckle of anything anymore.
wasnt sure what to name this poem
cus i didnt know what it was about
or if it WAS a poem.
Im just kinda
or maybe I'm happy and I dont know it.
I'm not sure.
maybe I'm different
or the same
i'm pretty sure im typical
in my boring teen angst.
but I'm not sure
when the evil flows
out of my mouth
And out of the valleys of flesh.
i wonder how could I be
so cliched
yet so original?
I'm just not sure.
I dont know if I'm fake or real
or if I'll make it through this
to know for certain.
I think the tears are hiding behind
my eyeballs
about to commit mass suicide,
but i'm not sure.
they could be laughing for all i know.
my fingers are lazy and unapologetic
and graze the keys with
too much nonchalance.
or maybe this is me at my most passionate.
i dont know.
i guess thats all I'm sure about.
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