dafremen Einstein despised nationalism. He had a point. But unfortunately, like many visionaries, he failed to recognize how far behind him the members of society truly were and are in our ability to behave ourselves. Our leaders still act like children, seeking after power and control the way 6 year olds want magical super powers. Look at how corrupt and practically unfix-able our own government is. Can you IMAGINE if those same attitudes and policies had slowly infected and taken over a WORLDWIDE government? There would be nowhere to go. No hope of intervention. Imagine if Hitler himself had risen through the ranks of a single world government. Where would we be now? Dr. Einstein, we're not ready for your vision yet. We still fear too much and lie too much and have very little actual control over ourselves. We need the boundaries of nationalism to protect us from the worst consequences of our experiments in people governing other people. We're not ready to come out of our playpens yet. Maybe some day. 141101
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