typhoid this is just another morning.
this is just another morning.
this is just another morning.
or is it?
whirligirl longest day of the year. yay! 000621
thieums Some mornings, I am so tired that I don't wake up until I realized I took a shower, breakfast, that I went to school, and that the teacher is telling me to stop talking to no one. 040413
Syrope mornings with you are the best. i mean, i can't really consider 11am a morning anymore, but still...waking up slowly with you and squirming together under the covers and blinking in the bright light through the blinds is so amazing.

orgasmimg before i'm *really* awake makes the rest of the day beautiful. something in me doesn't materialize with the realization of "ugh, another day crammed full of stuff to do" and so, instead, all day i'm left feeling buoyant and light.

and you let me make you breakfast. i love it when you let me make you breakfast. even though we've been living together for months now, i still only get the giddy "playing house" feeling when i'm frying bacon and scrambling eggs for you.

while you're at work i should do my lab report, but instead i think i'll read. i'm really only unwound enough to enjoy a vacataion when it's almost over...
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