Q german verb "to love"

perhaps not as smooth sounding as the corresponding french "aimer"
but more to the point

"lieben" is closely related to "leben", "to live"
(and with great motion and energy)

"aimer" is too much goal oriented - like do it and be done with it - "to aim for"
girl means the same thing as it does in english and for most people that is nothing. 000326
flo don't you just love the jaded.
I beieve in love. I love my girlfriend, and although i've been trying to convince all of my friends otherwise (because she is about to dump me again), i will be very sad when she does it isn't that she makes me happy, because she hasn't for quite some time now, and it isn't that i think she's the most beautiful girl in the world, although itell her that she is, it is because she is unique and i know that whoever replaces her will only ever be a pale imitation. I know that this cannot be true, that there are other people out there who will make me feel the way she makes me feel, but knowing and believing are distinct states, and i believe in her and everybody else is just made of paper and don't have my Jo's life blood running through their veins.
du liebe ich nicht [sp?]
deutsche blather schpellen shecken liebst du mich nicht? 011207
what's it to you?
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