typhoid 27: THE SORCERER

A Sorcerer by the power of his magick had subdued all things to himself.
Would he travel? He could fly through space more swiftly than the stars.
Would he eat, drink, and take his pleasure? There was none that did not instantly obey his bidding.
In the whole system of ten million times ten million spheres upon the two and twenty million planes he had his desire.
And with all this he was but himself.
silentbob i saw a band a while back in Austin called The Wrath Of The Left Hand Of Burns. Dig the simpsons reference? they were pretty fuckin good, especially for a local band. the singer looked like an angry fit-throwing 5 year old kid in a grey hoody sweatshirt. they were cool. but they were jerks offstage. or should i say, off-grass, cuz thats where the performance was. 000710
god why can't you have an affair with a lesbian ferchrissakes?
oh, and please bring me a pepsi.
what's it to you?
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