~gez~ you cut straight through me. i had no protection how could you. i do not believe you've used me like this. now i lie and bleed, waiting for salvation 020821
lycanthrope on your mantel you keep pictures of me, forever impaled with some smile some moment i gave what life demands, what the cautious mind shuns: an answer.

there i am smiling, because your arms form the supports holding my broad lips upward. there i am laughing because i can't read your mind and neither can you. and it seems ridiculous your cursing at me.

there i am impaled in life, a reminder of your power, of all you have conquered.

a warning to other conquests.

"who's that dude smiling with such man gusto?"

"someone i was accquainted with"

and then ooh jealousy and then oh dear me, why is he smiling like that, what does he know that i don't know.

and there's a reason she doesn't keep the after photos.

where the pain extinguishes, the sublime awareness of the height extinguishes, where there is only forgetfulness and death.

the raging corners of an empire become some dark center, an assumption.

and she, lusty vlad dracul,
who would laugh uneasily at the prospect of being smoothed over into a vampire,
stands over her quarry
and rests fitfully,
because it was all so necessary,
because somewhere it stopped
being cruel.
what's it to you?
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