Toxic_kisses When my guy literaly throws a tempertantrum.
his jokes.
the fact that he pouts when he cant get the comp to do what he wants cuz he doesent know how to properly use it
among others I may list later
nocturnal being immature is not a negative characteristic in all cases. I'm immature, sooo immature! but I'm glad I'm not mature, I'm only 19. still a kid, I'm in no rush to grow up because being a kid is way more fun. the mature person would say, "life isn't all fun and games." and I would say, "well it should be. wouldn't you be a happier person if it were?" that's basically my philosophy on life, at least for now. I'm fully aware that one day I will have to grow up, but I'm having as much fun and taking on as few responsibilities as I can for as long as I can survive doing so. when I have to become mature, I will, but I will hold off that day for as long as I possibly can. 011010
nomatter "emily, look at me, I'm telling you a joke." 030920
BiZzY I used to be immature. People used to tell me I was immature, and I loved it. But now it seems the immaturity has slipped away,and all that is left is a drug-addict with no energy who watches the X-files whilst considering suicide. I want to be immature again, I miss the fun that it was. I miss it God. I miss it. 030924
just mona you called me immature as if you were shouting into a mirror. 070725
jio jio 100215
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