unhinged is good on everything

and trader joe's has an amazing selection of hummus. the horseradish hummus is tied with the garlic for my favorite. and the three layer cilantro red pepper regular....i kinda like all the ones i've tried.
my name it means nothing best is with olive_oil and pine nuts and sundried tomatoes on top. Think trader_joes has that.

someone stole my hummus though.
endless desire I was born in lacy sandals and cargo shorts
a contradiction in dinosaur shirts.
raised on preservatives and prime colors:
tonka trucks and plastic houses.
Uniform Suburbanism
in perfect linear rows and tan hues.

I was born without culture
feigning identity, grasping for association
munching on baloney sandwiches
and gallons of HI-C.

I was born in a field of perfectly manicured grass
and tupperware.
Raised in mega churches,
Costco-sized salvation for our grumbling stomachs
where we compared and contrasted
and left just as dissatisfied.

And my mother,
She brought us lemonade
and made us frozen pizza.

And my father,
Hed come to visit
and talk on his car phone.

And my siblings,
Theyd make their dream worlds
and hit each other.

And me,
I walked away.
and ate hummus instead of mayonnaise.
epitome of incomprehensibility endless desire, I like that. It reminds me of a poem that I don't remember - not by David McGimpsey but recommended by him? Like I said, I don't remember.

But anyway, it's amazing how an entire set of associations can be evoked just by mentioning a food.

And mmmm, hummus. With extra lemon sauce. But mayo to go with club sandwiches.
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unhinged funny how when i first became vegetarian i hated the stuff

i live on it now
Ouroboros he made two kinds for lunch, regular and spicy 130112
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