Consequence That is simply appalling!

My (insert favourite current deity here), how could you?

Blue does not go with red!

(okay maybe sometimes)

repent now!

exclamation mark!

single definition only please,
step to the side, male order bride coming through.

apparent ramblings from a diseased mind
(it truly is, trust us).

wetter than you.
"oh the humanity!" (or similar saying) 041122
go on ahead without me now It never was a quick fix. Somebody wanted something. Great album art would do, give some sort of peace of mind. There you go, there's everything. No, darling, you can keep it. It was a pedestrian situation if it weren't for the holler of -are you there- and the not entirely truthful answer in the affirmative. It had happened before. It was horrendous to her because her mind locked in to the fact that she was overly impressed. Looking up, she decided, is a no-win. Never again will I be impressed.

Or, unfortunately, intimidated, was the remark of a dark observer who knew that the only other option, an aimless offtracking, was a far more serious consequence. In this day, he thought, the escape into the shadows would certainly be allowed. He was of two minds as to whether it should worry him.
what's it to you?
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