Laura Garrett is my eternal life someday he will help me continue my legacy 010317
Deus Who is it that rings a bell, singing, singing in my heart 020321
starfush 12 years ago I knew Garrett. The name now brings back memories of innocence and winter, ice and laughter. 091217
ungreat the only illustrated man i can say i've known. I wish you had been a little more together or I'd been a little more forward 091217
ungreat and I can't stop thinking about you 110729
ungreat and why do I keep having dreams about you? Always in another time, be it end of the world or doctor who-tastic. Always you. 120614
a clever disguise Dated him on and off all through high school.

Lost my virginity to him and he lost his to me.

The longest running friend I've ever had at about 15 years.

The most stubborn ass I've ever met.
oren My nephew. Named after my great-grandparents, Joseph and Mathais Garrett.

Joe died not long after_the only time I met him. I_was young, but I_remember him holding_me in his lap, singing to me. The_song was "Oh, Johnny!"

Matty was an amazing woman. As_a school teacher, she memorized the entire dictionary.
Ungreat It's like Kate Chopin's the Awakening and Love in a Time of Cholera. 151208
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