jon Sometimes they come with a cherry.
Sometimes they dwell in flush tanks.
Sometimes they help anglers.
Sometimes they wreak havoc in National Lampoon movies.
ClairE damn_I'm_hungry.

but mostly it's just
a lazy dizzy

that's almost happiness.

is that what happiness is?
snowsweet nothing floats when everything else sinks.
it is solely nothing left floating.
only nothing floats.
celestias shadow the amount of water displaced by a floating object is equal to 90% of its volume. 030903
Alexander What are you supposed to do when you've long since had your soul sucked away, or maybe it floated off, but is gone, and your left to walk with this emptiness, like you always wore a watch but now cannot find the time to look at anyone, least of all yourself? 030903
Alexander Off and away, Brownian motion carrying it about...(you know they thought that pollen in water was alive because when you looked at it really close it moved about in all directions; then they decided that what they thought was life was really just randomness; then Einstein proved it). So it gets carried somewhere, on the wind, just collisions. It's how life started, only with water, and a bit more salty. 040727
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