Little Lost Riding Hood You stand and stare,
You compare,
Your drink made colder
By icy fingers -
Like chariot from Hades' world.
The condensation cuts a path through your glass,
Mesmerised - I feel your power,
Intoxicated - I fall.

You stand and stare,
You compare,
Burning two holes through my heart,
And analysing my best intentions,
My worst mistakes.
Cry what? For who?
Know not the effect of your searing words-
Your unspoken lies,
My soul cries.

You suffocate me -
Yet it is your sarcastic, smiling face
That breathes life back in me.
What more can you take?
My moral fibres
And emotional tissues
That you wilfully scrape and tear,
Trying to construct your perfect puppet-
All the while bleeding me bare...

And so weeps the day,
With ashes falling from my skies.
A malevolant bird,
You are roosting in the devils tree -
Your twisted birdsong forever in my memeories.
The wreckage of a broken world,
Laid to peace once more.
scott mac. I am him. he is me. we are the same person.

"as long as you decide not to be me you will continue on as yourself, as long as you decide not to be you, who else will you emerge as other than me."
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