dallas are for wimps. What you need is the hard cold bumpy floor of life to sleep on for a few weeks. 980820
nice bloke if thats they way its got to be then yes,
kingsize next life.
9 remember.

`try it all out before hand.
don't be greedy.

shit is shit
then it gets better
if you face it.
ninga are you a player? 010420
unhinged i sleep with one even in the summer if at all possible. i'll take a hug however i can get it, even if my own sweat wakes me up at night. 050828
pete there hasn't been a night this summer, that i can think of, that even with the fan off i could sleep without a comforter (or blanket, depending on where i was when this sleeping took place) over me... if only over my feet, with a pillow hugged close (or, the rest of the comforter on those stupid hot days) 050828
mous covering the exposed
warming the cold
chasing away nightmares-
we are each others' comforters.
what's it to you?
who go