Princess Lola what? no previous "chipmunks" entires? silly 030711
pobodys nerfect I once had one eat out of my hand. It was just a little baby one. I had bought a big bag of peanuts(the kind in the shell)so I could leave some out for the squirrels,and he/she discovered them too. What a little cutie. (S)He'd even go in the garage to get them(my father would leave a trail with pile of them at the end). And then finally,
after days of leaving some out in my own trail onto the deck,I sat as still as a statue one day with a couple peanuts in my hand. I could see it comming my way out of the corner of my eye(I was looking slightly to the left). And then,I finally felt his tiny hands grabbing for the peanuts. It was so cool. :)
Keil I once had one attack me while walking to class. I was whisteling and walking on the handrail when it comes out of no where and runs up my leg to my backpack. I proply fell off the rail and triend to scare it away. It looked at me like i was stupid before grabbing some of the cashews in the side pocket and scurrying away. I picked up my pack and proceeded to class while eating a few nuts myself. A friend would later name the chipmunk "Jonny Cashew, the rabid chipmunk." 060831
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