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white_wave hears a feline is my cat. be back to blathe more later. 040309
white_wave although most you don't care, i thought i'd follow in the stylings of skites like Birdmad and his Tonya, and write about my Cheeky.

i admit i'm quite biased. i think she is the cutest cat in the galaxy. she is pure white underneath, with patches of black and gray stripes on her backside. i always think the back of her head looks like a mullet. she has golden eyes and a bright pink nose.

cheeky likes to chase laser lights, rattling balls, and is currently addicted to catnip_filled_mice. she likes to sleep on clothing and seems to have a fetish for parking herself next to the remote control (i think she wants us to change the channel to animal_planet). she likes to eat little bit of fruits and vegetables as a treat. if she's good, i feed her an occasional tuna_popscicle.

sometimes i look at her and can't believe how she stole my heart. i love her like crazy.
three words _'this_is_our_meal_ticket_out_of_iraq'_
cheeky clean_old_men
a clever disguise you bum-looker!

you cheeky-monkey!
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