TK ...Don't forget me while I'm gone 011227
TK gerrr, thought this page already existed

BrB=Be Right Back
Strideo big rubber ball
bouncing babys drinking lots of slice
have to take out the trash and fix some toast
crispy lettuce going out the door
gone in a flash from a camera bulb
lights out next room over i think there is a fight
pull the plug on the drain to see the spiral glow
just like leaving footprints in the sand
i see a small person smash them as i go
home is where i fix another bouncing baby's slice
ferret be right back bubbly babe ;) 030718
Eric Cygiel Want to sell your web address? 040217
her royal higness the quirk brb seems so impersonal, like the person you're talking to isn't worth the extra energy it takes to say "hang on a second i have to pee" or "hang on a second my printer has turned psychotic" 040217
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl well by the time my friend would type 'i have to go pee', she'd probably pee her pants.
type faster!
meh... i really dislike inernet 'lingo'.

and jargon of all types.
thy sometimes the simplest way is the best. 110820
what's it to you?
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