x i'm not empty. it seems like you ought to be empty before you die. not die with all these fighting sperm in your belly. it's like a horse with a broken leg, in the olde days. you could have it live a whole life of being fucked up, but why bother.
animals tend to find strange isolated corners in which to die. i doubt i'll die tonight. but when i do i think under the bridge. and i think i'll pay all the bills first, for shayne's sake. and i'll write a letter to my mom and sven. no one else will care.
silently of course, i've been wondering why you weren't writing much... 040322
bird then call me "no one else"

it's not too far removed from where i've been
x i meant care as in be seriously damaged in any way 040324
Andy Pandy dont be bothering
stop bothering me
i cant be bothering
not my bothering
go and bothering her

as we are bothering to see it is not a very versatile word
what's it to you?
who go