lemon_Soda When your born, its bloody and screaming. You go from a safe, warm existence to a frightening, cold one you simply don't understand.

But ultimately, this is for the good.

Most people have only been born once.

I have just gone through it again.
misstree i'm here for you, to slap your ass and lick the blood from your skin, and keep the wolves away until you shake off the rather disconcerting birth canal experience.

i think i impregnated someone last night. they were desperate for certain virii i happen to carry. it will be interesting.
Lemon_Soda Actually, this time I'm more inclinded to call it freshly bathed and singing. 050610
.fallen "when we are born
we are born
bloody, and screaming

but if you play your cards right, that sort of thing doesn't have to end there."

(Oh there are so many variations on that theme and they always cause a grin.)
j why does the bloody_potato_chip scream? 050610
what's it to you?
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