Mahayana you don't kNow me
from shitE
or shine
[this is what i presume @ least]


i just waNted 2 sAy
i feel yOu
i sense that which yOure saYing
i oFten times 'liVe' what Ur Expressing

[i know its not much]
[but i hope]
[this has given]
[you something]

haiku 4 you

blame the sky think not
id rather uplift the sky
to greater heights known
blamethesky i guess i don't know what to say to that 020119
intuition somber punk girl 020119
blamethesky i haven't really been "punk" for quite some time now...the plaid skirts and fishnets haven't been worn for awhile 020120
Casey Stupid sky with its stupid clouds. 020120
freakizh because, whether with or without your leaving, today the rain would have been confused with my tears. 020120
REM (file under Grendel) ask the sky
and ask the sky

don't fall_on_me
blamethesky i chose the name because of the fact that the weather changes my moods.
i got into the habit of telling people that it was because of the weather that i was depressed. essentially i was blaming the sky for how i felt, even though it really had nothing to do with it at all.
freakizh blamethesky was a yaoi hentai story that i read long time ago.

don't ask.
blamethesky i don't blame anything but myself anymore. 030317
what's it to you?
who go