Q Obedience,
Bane of all genius, virtue, freedom, truth,
Makes slaves of [people]

John Lennon
(no, sorry, Percy Shelley)
sean math is the bane to all existance.

sabbie and during one of my saddest days
i wandered into a opp shop
and found a really old book
called 'precious bane'
and i clasped it to my chest,
holding it gently
like it was the most fragile and beautiful
thing in the world.
i took it up to the counter to buy it
and for no reason i could see
the woman giftwrapped it

and i smiled
and took it home
and put on my best dress
to unwrap it
rambler24 I like it when people gitwrap things that aren't gifts, it makes them seem so much more special, and in a way, they are gifts, to yourself. There's a shop where they always giftwrap whatever you buy, and they do it with care, and attention, not like people at supermarket giftwrapping stalls at christmas who turn to a blur as soon as you hand them a package, but, at this shop, they lay out a few sheets of purple or black tissue paper, open your book, sprinkle a few stars just inside the cover, then wrap it carefully in the paper, then sellotape an angel to the front.

it's a sweet gesture, and I wish I could keep it like that forever, it looks very precious.
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