jennifer Brad makes me smile 000530
Brad Thanks! You just made me smile, too. 000530
sarpedon There is no need to use copyrights anymore. Thanks to the covenient Disney Laws(tm), any works that one creates are automatically copyrighted, regardless of whether or not the copyright word or symbol is there.

Ever wonder how the Disney mouse and all those old Disney thigns can still remain copyrighted even after 75 years? Magically, around each time those copyrights are set to expire, a new law gets passed in congress extending copyright.

Goodbye public domain. Blather cannot even really be public domain. Anyone wishing to publish these words of wisdom must contact each and every person for permission.

Ah well, I don't copyright my things in spirit because I would like them to get widespread, but I don't want anyone taking credit for my works either. So I've got mixed feelings.
Tank yeah, plagiarism sucks. 000825
crustacean with claws so fucking aggravating on blather

exclusive rights are neither
User24 take, modify, even sell my words.

just let me know first, and if you make loads of cash, buy me something cool.
Mahayana my words are reminiscent of trees
who could faithfully possess one

harvest them for what they are
they shall still stand on their own

intensely rooted
what's it to you?
who go