Somebody that I used to know Was that your first kiss? No... It couldnt have been. But everytime I kiss you, you look at me with those surprised eyes saying "wow. you just kissed me..." like it is some big thing. Then you smile all shy-like and want to do it again. I want to laugh because you are older than me, yet I'm the one with experience. It's amusing. I cant believe I have known you for so long and never got to know you at all. Shame on me for waiting I suppose. Oh, that first time you kissed me in your truck. I felt that happy all of sunday! That kind of happy you get where you'll just be standing there and all of the sudden that memory pops into your mind and sends happy little tingles tumbling and racing through your viens. No one has ever kissed me like that. And (unlike you) I've been kissed quite a bit... That kiss still makes me smile. You make me smile. 050516
Lemon_Soda this day. I hope it never changes. Thankyou. 050517
unhinged maybe it was just the great_sex 180527
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