Q A Windowless Wall

As I sit here,
to stare
over an electronic screen,
that refreshes too rapidly to arouse attention,
out the window,
that is noticed mostly for what it does not let through,
in the wall hard to the southeast,
to the frozen lake,

to watch
orange cast
through the horizon
on to snowy ice
by this morning's sun up,

to see
a windowless wall
to be a tragedy.

Copr. 2000
camille to be windowless(to have no window)
the horizon can still be seen
the orange cast upon thought, skips rock upon frozen lake
dashbchick feeling trapped suffocated i just can't break through,this windowless room
so isolated and scared my mind is numbing for now all I can think of is what my mind will make me do,sitting in the middle of the room arms relaxed legs crossed trying to portray i can stay sane,I want to paint these white walls that expect me to be so pure and unspoken, white never was my color and it never was ne1 else's either, they just pretend it is
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