The Schleiffen Man the year is 1969. the government has just granted money to create ARPANet, a computer network designed to provide fail-safe data redundancy all over the country in the event of a nuclear war. Over the years (flash forward about 10 years), colleges and research facilites are slowly granted permission to connect to ARPANet and slowly the internet was born. soon students and researchers had access to vast amounts of information previously unavailable to them. message boards called "newsgroups" were created. they allowed the posting of questions, conersation topics, even images (drawn in ascii). in 1991, the first web server is created, later the first client (ironically called WorldWide Web). soon, people are posting information in a language that allows for the instant jump to more information through a small referral called a "link." fast forward to today, where all people see is the WWW and think that is the internet. It's like seeing paris and saying you know what europe is like. it's a large playing ground, i promise. until next time, behave and keep your nose clean 000915
heel turn yes, by all means...

no one wants mucus on their browser
silentbob as i make my quest four years back, i might as well take a tour. go see some good shows, meet some neat dead people, and solve some of those unsolved mysteries they cant seem to get over, like where hitler really is, who shot kennedy, and what the hell went through Boy George's head
oh! what a fun and glorious journey this shall be!
what's it to you?
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