psyki telephone calls at one in the morning.

it seems like it would be easier.

it seems like it would take more emotional energy to stay lonely.

it seems so genuine, so natural, so real.

which is why i've been not in my own bed at 4 a.m. so much lately.
zenfishsticks redder and wetter
than i ever imagined
and also
strangely empty.
egger . 040115
Persona A visceral mass of congealed flesh and wobbling orifices whirs past on her scooter equipped with extra-wide seat and I wonder, does she hope to die? 040228
lyst19 To slice the abdomen, nestle inside, displace the organs
and with content, feel their pulses, the visceral lullabys;
As the blood, traversing in my wake, then blankets and envelopes,
subsides the yearnings borne of individuality (loneliness)
in the dissolution of disjoint chemistries.
The swallowing and mixture and absorbtion,
the other into one. No mere embrace will ever sate nor suffice.
misstree all the blood has dried to flakes,
the black snakes don't dance in my gut anymore,
and even my tears are sandy.
thieums Hatred so deep
It's written inside my inestines
And when I hear about you
It screams what my mind can't even put words on
Visceral hatred!
erm i don't know what i'm going to do. 080525
what's it to you?
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