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Zsiga i speak to the world and everyone hears though they know not who i am. the rhythms of the planet move differently today. it is a of day of communication through silence. if only for just a brief moment, there is no need to fight over our differences. there are those spiritually in tune that are conscious of this. and those that aren't may not understand why they feel different. i'm realistic. there is no instant answer for war and suffering. it is only possible to believe that if we have survived this long without completely destroying eachother, there is hope. we have lived in fear of 9/11 part two for nearly three years. that is three years of worrying ourself into a state of death, that we inflict upon ourself with fear. maybe it's just that things had to become worse before they become better. and just as the country I live in, joins together as a family with strength, there will be a mental bonding between souls that will never meet. the alignment of the planets speak this to us. become silent and you will hear their words. 040608
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