jennifer With a personality like Venkman's, it's hard
not to like him. He is the classic Bill Murray
character: charismatic, funny, obnoxious,
sarcastic, and cynical.
His "gameshow" persona is how he became everyone's favorite
It would be difficult to believe that he became a scientist for the
academics. It seems that he might have done it to impress the ladies.
His act around women is so transparent you can't help but laugh. It's a
wonder that he ever gets a date.
"(Venkman turned out to be) more hipper and
more verbal then the others -- more of a huckster,
the salesman of the team -- someone who is weak on
the technical side and probably didn't do all that
well in school, but is smart enough to have hooked up with guys more
intelligent than he is." said Harold Ramis, in "Making Ghostbusters".
His personality among the Ghostbusters is the fun-loving slacker.
He doesn't do any of the "real" work, he finds his niche schmoozing
clients and ripping on his co-workers. He exhibits grace under fire
when cutting work tension with his hilarious one-liners.
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