silentbob it is a must
you must
you must
it is a must
you must
Soma it is so bright
i see the green weaving
against the blue and yellow
i blink
shadows passing momentarily
the only Need i feel
i have to get outside
i am sitting and staring
i am just enjoying it
patient in the wheelchair
i am happy and sad
and they blank each other out
like clouds
blanking the sunny day
i just want to go to the park
i am outside
i am inside
when i am outside
i am inside inside
i am inside out
its urgent
cant you tell
this room is killing me
with its water
and the leeches all over me
leeches of worry
crawling from my ears
like newborn infants
crying pitifully
so insidious
it is so bright
this spot of urgency
screaming over the worry
telling me to move
but the sun is so dazzling
and those clouds dont seem so bad
but they are more
dropping the rain
melting my sugar skin away
erasing me
eyes staring at the sun
i see it all weaving
into the green and the blue
the urgency of it all
and the insignificance of
the urgency
what's it to you?
who go