JdAwG My favourite interval. Reminds me of confusion, hatred and death.
No, wait. I stand corrected. It IS confusion, hatred and death.
Borealis the first and third notes of a diminished seventh chord...are a tritone.
thats a devil chord if I ever heard one.
JdAwG dominated 7th with much tension. It makes me happy. But no tritones. 040529
beorn i can't read music i confess. have about 0 music teory under my belt. but i still sing my heart out on sunday 041231
unhinged playing drunk hangman at the kitchen table, the last time i saw him, with the kid 10ft away laying on the living room floor watching harry potter

topic: 'mothers of music theory'

him: 'i know everything there is to know about music theory; i've read every book'

me: 'it's 'tritones.' drink up bitches.'

him: a bewildered 'oh.'
andru235 i don't find all tritones ugly,
depending upon what leads up to them
they can be quite beautiful
even poignant

a travel in search of a tonic
no reason it's like what he said about a harpsichord:
"i like it but i always feel like i'm being attacked"
unhinged Tt 090421
z i also like tritones. 090422
unhinged (my newest song started with one)

Bb - E
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