silentbob i threw it in my box of pictures and memories to forget almost as quickly as it was given to me. The very site of it makes me think of what she said and i begin to think remorseful thoughts 001202
whitechocolatewalrus this marble is red.
it represents me.
used without a thought.
easily forgotten.
whitechocolatewalrus this marble smashed against the wall
and broke
into thousands
of shattered pieces.
no one sheds a tear.
superleni a bird flew in
just plain or gray
it saw this marble smashed so gay
coveting the shine it took a shard
flew the four hundred wingflaps back
and salivaglued the sliver of glass into its nest
and it returned
and returned
until every
glistening in the sunlight on its nest
a bird palace

a greedy queen saw the sparkling birdhome in the trees and claimed it as her chalice

the bird's children limped and cried
destitute on the ground, and some lived and some died while the motherbird's heart longed for murder...

a chunk of marble, set free by potent wine, lodged in the queens cavernous throat, and her cries where piercing as a birds, as choked her last.
what's it to you?
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