nomatter "...I've been watching you... and I like the way you keep to yourself..." 030915
silentbob "i'm startin' to think you don't git me" 030916
nomatter :) 030916
celestias shadow interesting movie. after seeing that, then donnie darko, i like jake gyllenhaal a whole lot. 030921
endless desire "as a girl you see the world as a giant candy store, filled with sweet candy and such. but one day you see a prison and your on death row. you want to run or scream or cry...but something's locking you up. are the other folks just chewing cud until the hour comes and their heads roll? or are they keeping quiet just like you, planning their escape?"

my mum and i rented movies. she only wanted us to get happy ones so i wouldn't feel any worse. so we watched this one first and i could have died from the emptiness. such a sad movie i wonder where the point was.
whitechocolatewalrus i didn't particularly enjoy this movie, oh well. 031223
xyz I was happy with the ending. 031223
magicforest jake jake jake

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