bruceaisher Ive been hunting for this, but can't find it, perhaps its my bait. Could anyone direct me, I think user24 posted it somewhere but I can't find that either, Ive been hunting for over a hour and a half and I'm now hungry so I'm going to go and eat. 031207
otnemem By heaven I think I have found what you desire:
The first post. The irony is that although this is a blathe about time, no time index is given for Dallas' post, yet one exists for the others. BUT if you search through the dates one by one the earliest I could find with posts under it was;day=980819
u24 see the_first_blathe 031208
girl_jane The funny thing can go further back with the dates, there just isn't a list, just the dates. 031209
sabbie imagine that
it'd be like holding a party without actually inviting anyone
then standing near the front door
and waiting to see if anyone showed.

imagine building blather
putting it on the net
and just waiting....

in her party dress
Xeneth Sparda Who ever created this is a genius and very deep 040912
methinx sabbie, that was beautiful 040912
"The" Man Meta this, somebody! 070710
meta meta 070710
what's it to you?
who go