~gez~ i just found out this post hasnt been blathered about (see: provide) and thought it fitting to blather in it becasue i myself am currently undertaking a mission to not eat for as long as possible. so far i have lasted 14 hours and 30 minutes. it hurts but playing the piano calms it down a bit 020824
Nathan This post, you could say, is STARVING for attention! (Sorry, bad pun) 040112
ofsuch your mind until your body follows 040430
Hajera it's too delicious to miss

doesn't really happen till after the 28 day mark, i can prove.

1-28 would be fasting.
hsg to become more receptive.

hunger holds attention.

can be used as an anchor, landmark of sorts...lucid_dreaming or attention_to_breath.
laced because hunger is my body's way of saying God 070219
ping pong i seemed to be more funny when i was insane... all those years ago...

quite fightening but a bit of a laugh also.

i'm gone ... better do some living now !
what's it to you?
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