ungreat my alter ego who took over last night and danced my heart away. She did all the things i wish i could do. she's confident sexy happy vivacious crazy and spontaneous. i wanted to kiss dave. she kissed his neck searching for his lips then lingering. she wanted more. i stopped her. she played graveyard and kept on drinking after. i felt sick. she threw up. Jim started caressing my hadn on the couch. we both wanted him to stop. I told him no. She does all the things i wish i could, but can't because i need to be in control. I come back to my body only when some one needs to take car of business. the rest of the time i let her have this body run amoc. if we can't decide if we want something i let her go with the flow and i take the back seat until things get out of hand. stacie is the person i wish i could be, but at times i'm happy we merely cohabitate. 070916
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