Aimee the most descriptive word in my opinion. The only time I've ever seen it on a persons face is when they're sleeping. That look of complete calm, no happiness, no hatred, just calm. it's so refreshing. 010310
Ambience A dream that repeats endlessly in my concious mind, where you depend on me as much as I depend on you. I close my eyes and pretend that you need me. 030616
Siren Call to me, oh Blessed Soul,
sing to me the words that fall
so sweetly on my concious.
Let me fall into
your outstretched arms
Just let me slip away.
With a whisper of warmth,
that freezes my blood,
counting every breath
that passes your lips
Such a brilliant creation,
you, my shooting star,
the one who saved my life.
Siren *conscious 030819
lou_la_belle you look so serene, i don't want to disturb you. unfortunatly, i am screaming so loudly in my head that i think you can hear it. and you, being who you are, of course wanted to know why. i think i might have to tell you. I'm sorry i am ruining your peace... 040607
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