nullspace i'm stuck in one.
same old shit, all the time.
EECP I think the best way to get out of a rut is to change your motivations, or at least your goals. 001214
tic - tock try goal keeping. 010420
phil Porno gets so old and out of focus.
My last step was into videofeeds via internet.
There is nothing to them, just quick slapstick (pardon the pun) and nothing in the middle, or the end.
Each epsiode so frustrating, no relaxing enjoyment.
And then I saw Unfaithful, and my heart was lightened.
But for the rest, plan to be dissapointed, nobody understands what's good to watch.
No good, stuck in a rut(pardon the pun).
I want a reason to watch, not the real reason I watch, I want another reason, I don't know about.
I don't want to get what I want, not at a time like this.
Come in with your pants down, and leave quarter way through the show.
I could watch the same over and over, I don't need new material.
I can't understand people who get addicted to this shit.
Not searching, but still in vain.
dandy it's a passing thing, like the net. It'll blow over in no time. 050504
oren uh, yeah. Right. 061019
what's it to you?
who go