Dafremen Give then, that you might find yourself more thankful for that which you receive. Give as you receive, that you might measure the extent to which you are blessed before determining the depths of your generosity.

In this manner will your giving be born of gratitude, not vanity.

To know what is the best that you have to give, you need realize with time the implications of giving and then give simply because it lends to your environment, and takes nothing more from you than that which you are willing to give.

We should give because it is our chance to give and our joy to give and our humble privilege to give. To be allowed the opportunity to give when it is denied to most should fill our hearts with gratitude for that which we receive, without which, we could not have given.

When we give, it should be without regard to worthiness or unworthiness.

Who is it then who found us worthy to receive? Worthy and unworthy alike are beneficiaries of creation's generosity and so should we give; as we breath or blink, without thought to who or why or for what.

As we are given to, let us give in kind, lest the receiving make us fat and giving becomes a chore. Like the flower gives its scent or the bird its song.

When the tree gives its fruit, know that the true nature of giving is therein revealed.
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