ClairE C'est comme je ne pourrais pas faire le tache le plus simple.

Je suis une vache.
Norm Je ne suis pas très bon aux français 011219
ClairE Merde! La tache.

Je suis si confondee sans toi. Completement confondee.
aha. 060225
pete the program of study is supposed to be one quarter of the application , not all of it... oi!

i'd much rather fund someone who shows that they can identify a problem, ask a good question, and assemble the tools needed to go and find an answer instead of someone who can talk themselves and the program they want to get into up. oi. damn ginormous scholarship app.
Iren3_adler To know she knows of me.

That you refer to it as being "open and honest" whilst she outright mocks me. What else have you been sharing? My messages? My thoughts?

I have this wonderfully clear head. How suddenly easy this became. To see myself from a distance. To see how desperate and sad and green and bitter I looked and how easy it would be to mock this sad girl. To mention me in passing. To laugh at what I had nearly become. But it feels easier now. Not painful.

Yes, have her. Have her and enjoy her and love her.

I am walking away.

Consider this my blessing becoming true.

I hope she is all you've dreamed for.
king of the wild we are alone, no matter what. even through love. alone. 140616
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