amy just a little bit better than Hillary. will do just about anything for anybody, but the Clintons know the ropes! I guess I still vote for Obama, but I get a feeling we'll all get sucked into one big old debate and the Republicans will win out of some kind of appeal to "common sense". if I were Obama's advisor, I'd tell him to just draw lines, simple arguments, demonstrate that McCain is the confusing one and who needs that and then he wins. that would be super. 080428
amy first post? sleep much? 080428
bjohndick is the first black president elect. 081113
barack fan more correctly, first african-american president elect. to a Ghanan, Obama looks light-skinned. 081114
silentbob First African American to win re-election. 130212
unhinged i had as much hope as you asked me to have. congress strangled all our hope.

then, you did. you kept towing the same tired establishment line. eric holder didnt indict jamie dimon. mary jo white dragged her feet. after you convinced elizabeth warren to run you criticized her publicly on her condemnation of the sec and the tpp. tpp. TPP.

you gave me so much hope. i shoulda_known ; like any other mobster, you stole my hope and ran with it.
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