peyton i can't say it
but you at least deserve a word
in my history
every day
Playmaker Nikki was a girl with short hair, a small, compressed nose, extremely low self esteem, a large, round bottom and thin fingers. I ignored her the first time she saw me and it took three months until we were in bed together - ironically on the night I decided I no longer had an interest in her.

I did it with two compliments, both of which she had earned, spurring my intrigue. She took off her top and bra and I cupped her breasts in my hand. In the darkness her skin felt smooth, and principally soft but had a slight firmness which wasn't muscular.

Three months later, on an evening towards the end of March, I was inside her. She bled slightly at the first insertion but smiled as she ran her fingers through my hair.

I endured her with a migratory lust.
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