typhoid not so very, now. it has, i think, more than quadrupled ;) now an interesting web to be woven has.
(don't have a spaz)
pjork put me on a highway.
show me a sign
x twisted x i work at limited too.
fun times.

why is everything so limited? there are limits to everything. i sometimes wonder if there are limits to time. someone told me once that time is man made, so in reality there is no time. its inacurate apparently...which is something my feeble mind cant understand. limits are the basis of the human mind. we cant understand that there is a lot more to the universe than what we see. we have the smallest veiw of future and other worlds. i want to know whats out there...and see beyond the limits of the universe.
lizzy i have to believe that the limited view of the grand scheme of things that we experience goes away after we die..... we bceome part of the whole again.... i can't wrap my brain around how tiny i truly must be... this existence here in this body here on this earth.. is so very limited... i can't wait... to find out what we have been missing... 040515
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