sabbie and all
i ever catch
is a glimpse.
just a glimpse,
only ever a glimpse,
and only ever a tiny glimpse
of you.

such a frustrating experience.
sometimes i feel that it's as if
i'm standing in the midnight snow
peering through a minute window.

the view is so beautiful,
but the knowledge
that the microscopic fragment
that fills my gaze
is only a such a tiny part
of a glorious masterpiece
that i cannot ever truly know,
is slowly killing me.

i have never wished so hard
that i might become alice
so i could climb through your window
to become part of your warm and beautiful life.

the tiny window is stuck fast,
and no need nor want nor yearning will ever be able to open it.
these things cannot be coerced into compliance.

but i am almost content to be the little match girl,
to stand out here in the snow,
basking in your fragmented golden light,
'til the dawn finds me,
and blue,
lying dead on the pavement,
still smiling from the divine revelations of the night.
can you say stalker? 050702
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