Q Energy might be alive. It is mass moving fast. So it has inertia. Hallucination is spirit, the essence of being alive and free. No mass, but moving infinitely fast. No inertia. Nothing to keep it bound. 000212
lokkust The gravitational force of a hernia. 000212
Lost After a year, you'd think all would be forgotten... and yet... here I am on IM, staring at a screen name I tried deleting at least 20 times... every time, it came back onto my buddy list somehow.

So here I am staring at an open IM window, trying to convince myself to hit Enter to send a friendly message that could not possibly be read into. "Long time, no talk." Somehow, I don't expect something friendly back, even though she's a friendly person. Somehow, I expect animosity; I expect her to be angry that I would dare dig up old ghosts by still existing.

And so here I am, staring at a half-empty IM window, trying to hit Enter, half-hoping she'll just sign off.

And, finally, she does.

It's only a temporary relief, though... she'll be on again tomorrow.
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